EBM Digital Marketing Search Services-SEM & SEO

Search Engine Marketing

Our company incorporates digital and post conversion sales data. Our philosophy is that we can’t understand meaningful digital analysis without linking post conversion sales. Metrics we include are:

  • Recency Frequency Monetary Value of customers
  • Linking top performing keywords based on customer valuation
  • Analysis identifying sales to keywords to identify potential maximum CPC.

Our services incorporate the following digital metrics:

  • Comprehensive baseline analysis identifying state of account in the areas of:
  • Return on Ad Spend
  • Click stream data including impressions, clicks, cpc, total costs, conversions, conversion percentage and cost per conversion
  • Identification of best performing creative, keywords and campaigns.
  • Analysis of search terms to keywords used

We compare your organization’s campaign and ad group structure to your website’s navigation structure. Once we’ve identified best performing campaigns, creative, keywords campaigns and ad groups replicate your website’s structure.

Ongoing analysis and refinement are an endless closed loop for continuous improvement for:

  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Creative
  • Landing page
  • Keywords

Results from companies using our PPC services:

  • Non profit-increased member sign ups from 22/month to over 600 while reducing ad spend 45% per month.
  • Retailer-current projects indicate annual profitability will be maintained while ad spend reduced 50%.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO

SEO is a companion to Search Engine Marketing. With over 60% of clicks occurring through organic SEO, it’s a necessary companion to SEM. Our services include the following areas:

  • analyzing the keywords, and compiling a list of primary and secondary
  • analyzing and compiling a list of sites to submit for off-page SEO for a particular client (as each client can have different lists with some overlap)
On-Page :
  • writing proper Titles, Description and inserting Keywords
  • inserting other SEO related tags in the code
  • Ensuring the content maintains 3% keyword density for primary
  • Link-Building (this is done one at a time, and NOT rampant black-hat automated way).
  • Submissions to crawlers, (google webmaster, analytics)
  • Submission to Directories
  • Regular updates on social bookmarking, classified sites etc
  • Writing blog, newsletter etc.
  • Profile creation on numerous industry sites, or even GooglePlus, Google Local etc.
Analytics reporting

Our SEO and SEM services are designed to make you money profitability, earn long term ranking on the search engines based on legitimate best practices, achieve optimum return on investment, return on ad spend and have a long term relationship with us.

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