Promotional Products, Ad Specialties and Corporate Gifts

EBM Digital Marketing is an approved national account representative for Larick Associates, a promotional product distributor since 1920. Listen to Nancy Larick, President Lrick Associates about its focus and longevity in the Promotional Products Industry.

Promotional product marketing is a $20 billion industry. Call or email us today to discuss your next program. Promotional products can be used to:

              • Develop brand awareness
              • Create customer reward programs
              • Increase response rates in direct response marketing,
              • Driving traffic to websites
              • Incorporating QR codes, products can be turned into a multi-channel digital marketing programs.

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            • Increase sales, cross and upsell (i.e. gift with purchase)
            • Create new product announcement
            • Premiums in direct and internet marketing programs (email, text messaging, outbound b-t-b telemarketing and direct mail)

Promotional Product Marketing Ideas and Uses

Speaker Gifts and Awards
            • Customized product showcasing speaker and branded by presenting company
            • Award presentations
New Store Openings

Excellent for long term brand recognition.

            • Include devices to stimulate foot traffic
            • Use items (i.e. gift with purchase)
Reactivate Accounts
            • Reward expired account with gift. More profitable reactivating than acquiring new ones.

Lift Direct Response Rates

            • Sales stimulators for direct response programs.
            • Item can be tested to evaluate overall profitability with and without incentive
            • Stimulate new website traffic with promotional device
Employee Appreciation

Types of Promotional Products

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