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Email is a work horse in any marketing campaign. Studies by the Direct Marketing Association reported email marketing has the highest return on investment over all other media. EBM Digital Marketing is experienced in developing email programs targeting your customer base for:

  • Cross and upselling
  • Newsletter creation.
  • Driving website traffic for purchase
  • Creation of event driven, multi-touch campaigns
  • And many more

Our services can optionally include:

  • List management
  • List appending data enhancements to improve targeting
  • Account Management of your email marketing.

We provide two levels of service:

Mail Chimp Self Service

Sign up for a FREE Entrepreneur account on our Mail Chimp self service platform. Services include:

  • Up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 email subscribers FREE always!
  • Automation and personalization-automate your email marketingbased your customer behavior such as last purchase date etc.
  • Best time to email based on your customer list data time of day they opened their emails through Mail Chimp.
  • Grow your list through social media integration (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Develop best subject lines through Mail Chimp’s integrated subject line research tool showing best performing subject keywords.
  • Activity Reports, track opens and click through (people who opened one of the links in the email)
  • Paid accounts integrates with hundreds of apps and services, like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey.

Mail Chip Account Management

Pressed for time running your business? let us handle the entire creation and execution of our email marketing. Sign up for your Mail Chimp account Services include:

  • Strategy discussion (one per email)
  • Template creation (one time additional cost depending on complexity)
  • Importing of all client provided pictures, editing (additional)
  • Copywriting services available at additional cost
  • Client review and approval before launch
  • Schedule email blast
  • Linkage to your twitter, facebook extra and subject to level of Mail Chimp service you have
  • Minimum 4 email commitment in a calendar month.
  • Additional levels of service are available and quoted based on client specifications.

SmartTracks Personalized One to One Email Marketing

For a higher level of personalized email marketing, and based on rules established for your campaign, we can use your customer database to develop event driven one-to-one email marketing programs that include:

  • Changing email copy on an individual basis automatically
  • Changing offers automatically to different customers
  • Changing text
  • Changing images
  • Personalize email copy with contact’s name

Use our account managed service to:

  • Capture website visitor traffic with our custom html coded forms which link to our SmartTracks email platform
  • Automatically launch emails based on the customer’s preference and on the campaign rules establishes
  • Automatically send follow up “touch” emails if no response
  • Develop multiple tracks of emails based on rules (i.e. send a series of emails to non responders and another track to responders)

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