Direct Mail and Related Services

Direct Mail, a time tested performance media, can help build long term customer relationships through effective targeting. The more relevant your message improves response rates because your message is more meaningful to the recipient. Unlike email, a direct mail envelope gets opened.

Variable data marketing enables personalized communication to each customer. Direct Mail can be combined with email marketing
through our customer relationship marketing program to create multiple touch points. Studies show that many potential customers require multiple touches before making a purchasing decision.Executing a direct mail program takes more than affixing postage to a mail piece. Targeting the right message requires a combination of good customer data, direct response copywriting and mail piece so that a specific message is delivered to each customer based on their specific likes at the lowest possible cost and the highest return on investment. Call or email us TODAY to discuss your specific marketing objectives. Our services include:

QR Codes

Two dimensional Quick Response codes that when scanned by smart QR phone reader, drives traffic to a web page. We create, track and analyze QR codes effectiveness.


We offer experienced direct response copywriters with knowledge how to structure and test compelling offers and ad copy in a direct response campaign.

Direct Mail Creative

Providing full creative design to generate maximum results. We can test different creative packages to identify best performing for future campaigns.

List Hygiene

Your customer data is the backbone of your marketing campaigns. Services include: merge purge, data appending, dedupe elimination, NCOA, CASS Certification, DSF.

Mailing, Telemarketing Lists

Direct Response Research, compiled list, psychographic data available.Comprehensive list counts and research completed in planning your next campaign

Direct & Digital Media Planning

Let us plan your overall media budget across direct response media,Search, Lists, Email. We focus on optimum ROI through your customer base.

Mail Production

Full range of mail services, letters and postcards. Services all under one roof saving time and money.


Full range of printing including variable data printing offering maximum personalization increasing your response rates. Full Color Brochure illustrating various printing formats available. Also available is Full Color Postcard printing and mail production.

Relationship Marketing

Creation and maintenance of customer databases for relationship marketing, customer retention, cross and upsell programs. Integrate with our variable data printing for maximum performance and response.

Customer Profiling

Giving us a 1000 names or more from your customer list, (business or consumer) we can create a demographic profile by matching it against a business or consumer database. The demographic profile can be used to selectively target those names on the database closely matching your customer base provided. This improves response rates through this identification process because the names chosen are similar to your customers. Therefore, they’re more likely to respond.

Merge Purge

Mailings containing multiple lists are likely to contain duplicates.. Our merge purge services eliminates those duplicates and creates one unique mailing (or telemarketing) list to use. Eliminating duplicates saves valuable production and postage expense while increasing response rates by sending the same campaign to the same address once.

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