EBM Digital Marketing Copywriting and Design Services

Copywriting and design directly impact corporate communications and digital marketing initiatives. These elements account for almost 30% of a successful digital response programs. They can be tested and evaluated for return on investment. You can be assured utilizing our services will present your company with professional image you’re to your clients and prospects.

Copywriting takes different forms. Ann Goodstein, a direct response copywriter noted in her Direct Marketing Club of New York’s web post entitled “Successful Copywriting in a Digital World” (September 2012) direct response copywriting is more relevant now (and needed) than ever before. Media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, website copy, email, online video and of course direct mail all demand written content.

Testing is key in digital marketing.. Copywriting is a testable element. Where do we test? Copy headlines in ads (i.e. search marketing and Facebook, direct mail copy in letters and and teaser copy on outer envelopes to increase response and open rates respectively.

EBM Digital Marketing has experienced copywriters and designers to handle most any assignment. You get big agency expertise without paying the big agency fees.

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