EBM Digital Marketing’s Examples of Our Work

EBM encompases a range of digital and traditional media designed to improve performance and enhance your corporate brand. Samples on this page are a sample of our capabilities. We bring the best senior level talent in each area of expertise to your program. Because we’re a virtual agency, Using our extensive labor network, we procure and the best people to a project. You’re getting top of the line agency experience without the high fixed costs.

Marketing Analysis

Analyzed an Adwords and Display campaign to assess a fall off in Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).  Using Google Trends and 2 years of client data, we compared year over year financial performance.  Our analysis identified a decrease in HELOC search volume, seasonal variations and made suggestions, (keyword research, creative and landing page testing) improving their spring campaign.

Database Segmentation Analysis-Identified top 35% of customers accounting for 75% of sales
A national retailer needed to improve profitability of their email and direct mail programs by identifying their best most profitable customers in their million plus transactional database. Working with Management Information Services and an external vendor, we scored the customer file with RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) codes.  Reports indicated over 75% of all sales were coming from 35% of our client’s customers.  We initiated a direct mail program to the top decile improving response and eliminating wasted mail volume to unprofitable customers.

Copywriting and Design
Non Profit Organization

Our client needed a complete rewrite and design of their corporate brochure in time for their June fundraising event.

Search Engine Marketing

Adwords/Bing/Yahoo-increased ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)by 300% while reducing Cost Per Acquisition from $56.00 to less that  $24.00

With over 30 years experience in performance marketing, we understand how to profitably increase revenue through testing, analysis and Return on Investment. As an example, below are baseline and monthly metrics from a current Search Engine Marketing client. Confidentiality prevents us from naming them. You can clearly see how EBM improved performance by decreasing CPA, increasing conversion % and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). (The baseline is based on data over a 12 month period) All other data reflects monthly performance.The KPIs are the Conversion %, CPA steadily decreasing and ROAS increasing EACH month.

TimeFrameClicksImpressionsAd Spend# ConversionsCPAConv %ROAS
Base Line145,14211MM$409 M6,911$51.645.61%$1.39
As of 11/238,336227M$22.9M1,199$19.1414.38%$6.40

Account Managed Email Marketing

Each week, for one of our clients, EBM launches a targeted email blast. Our service includes: uploading and insertion of email elements (pictures, text, subject line, header information), linkage to our client’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; subject line research to optimize opens, final editing and scheduling. Here’s a sample of what we do.

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