Industries Served by EBM Digital Marketing

EBM Digital Marketing specializes in a number of industries providing Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), corporate communications, direct mail, database development and analysis, promotional products, corporate gifts, website development and webmaster services. Below are brief success stories with some of our clients.

Retail Industry Funiture

Service: Database

Furniture retailer had a million plus customer transactional database. They wanted to identify the customer value to improve direct mail targeting, save production costs by minimizing costs to unresponsive and unprofitable customers.
The retailer retained EBM Digital Marketing to initiate review of current database status. Working with their vendor, we assigned RFM codes (identifying Recency, Frequency and Monetary value) to each customer record. We identified that 75% of all sales came from 35% of their customer base.
In their first direct mail program using this capability, the retailer save thousands of dollars in production and postage cost by targeting the top 35% of their customer base. These people represented their most profitable customers most likely to respond to future promotions.

General Merchandise

Service: Search Engine Marketing

A general merchandise 24 store chain retailer spent over $400,000 annually on Adwords and $200.000 on the Bing/Yahoo network. The retailer wanted to maximize profitability of their entire search engine marketing program.
Initially, EBM conducted an extensive baseline analysis of their Adwords program that we used to understand what was working in the areas of campaigns, keywords, geographic targeting and creative. We found that by shrinking the geographic targeting to the top zip codes generating conversions could results in a potential $100,000 savings without sacrificing profitable conversions. Secondly, we identified creatives and keywords based on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We reorganized the campaign structure based on specific product groups and ad groups within each closely aligned product.
The first monthly campaign reporting after the Adwords reorganized structure indicated a $1.00 ROAS increase and 20% lower CPA in 4 of the 6 campaigns.

Non Profit Technology

Service: Search Engine Marketing

A non profit organization, with a $10,000 monthly Google Adwords budget, retained us to improve their pay per click performance. Initially, their campaigns generated 22 membership sign ups monthly while consuming the entire monthly ad spend. We reorganized their entire account. Campaigns, ad groups and keywords were tightly bound around specific creatives and landing page.

Pre and post optimization performance results:

  • Monthly Ad spend=$10,000.00
  • CTR=1.9% approx avg
  • CPA=$220.00+
  • Conversion %=.22%
  • Conversions/month=22

Post Optimization

  • Monthly Ad spend=$5,300.00
  • CTR=1.5%
  • CPA=< $9.00
  • Conversion %=15%
  • Conversions/month=600 avg


Service: Corporate Communication

A non profit organization had a fundraising event scheduled. They asked our company to redesign and write a new corporate fundraising brochure in time for their event. Using our copywriting and design expertise, we wrote, designed and printed the new brochure in time for our client to have a successful fundraising event.

Religious Organization

Service: Promotional Products

Twice a year a religious organization has a special award presentation recognizing individuals in the Italian community. The organization contacted us to develop a special award reflecting an Italian theme to present. Using some creativity,and our background with promotional products, we created an award plaque shaped like Italy. The awards presentation and the plaques were very well received.


Service: Promotional Products

Educational institution utilizes branded promotional products in such areas as:

  • Gifts for incoming students.
  • Awards for speakers at special events
  • Special events

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